Canton Community Information

The Cherokee County Public School system has more than 30 facilities, which are committed to academic excellence. The district operates 22 elementary schools, 8 middle schools and 6 high schools. Also located in the area are private and parochial schools. 19 colleges, universities and other post-secondary educational options are available throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, including Kennesaw State University, which is located just sixteen miles from Canton in Kennesaw.

Canton’s beautiful natural surroundings provide a great backdrop for recreational activities and the town’s mild climate encourages year-round outdoor recreation. Four parks within the community provide picnic pavilions, gazebos, playgrounds and a variety of sports facilities. The Hickory Log Creek Reservoir adds approximately 15 acres of parkland, providing even more picnic facilities and recreational amenities.

For those seeking indoor activities, the renovated theater on Main Street features plays and hosts many special entertainment events. Canton is also home to one of the finest movie theaters in Georgia, a state-of-the-art cinema located in Riverstone Plaza.

A multitude of shopping opportunities are found in Canton. From large department stores to small specialty shops, there’s something for everyone! Also located in the heart of the historic downtown district are several unique antique shops.

In its early days of development, Canton was famous as the home of “Canton Denim,” a high-quality fabric produced at the Canton Cotton Mills. The town’s founding fathers had loftier manufacturing dreams, however; they planned to make the town into a famous center for silk production. Hence, they established its name as Canton in 1834. Over the years, Canton has evolved from a prosperous mill town into a bustling city that continues to experience rapid growth.